Rakeback – what is it

Rakeback – return of part of the commission from the lot played. Rake (commission) is collected from each game played and is 10% of the amount of chips won.

In order to make it more interesting for players to play on the NardGammon portal, we return 50% of the commission to the players and share it in equal parts between the players.

After each game played, you will receive 50% of the rake (commission) amount in your bonus account. Let’s use an example to describe how this works:

For example, you played in a game where the amount of your winnings was 1,000 game chips, the portal commission from this amount was 100 chips (10% of the winnings), 50% of this amount (50 chips) will be divided by gender between the players and will be 50 / 2 = 25 chips. And so you get 25 chips into your bonus account. Thus, the higher the winning amount, the greater the rakeback amount. And yes, you always get bonus chips, whether you won the game regardless or not. The only condition for calculating the bonus is that you must be a member of the NardGammon Club.


What are the benefits of rakeback:


Playing every game, you gradually accumulate bonus chips, which in the future you can exchange for gifts from our portal.

To see the status of your bonus account, look at the gifts and how much you shine to receive the desired gift, you need to click on the “Rakeback” section in the lobby:


Rackeback NardGammon


Section of information about the state of the bonus account and gifts:


In this section you can familiarize yourself with the balance on your bonus account and the current gifts that we have prepared for you. You can also evaluate on the filling scale how close you are to receiving the treasured gift on our portal:


Rackeback NardGammon


In this example window, it can be seen that the player has already accumulated the required amount of bonus chips to receive a branded T-shirt since the icon of this gift has become colored and the “pick up” button is now active. Now the player has a choice, pick up a gift – a T-shirt or continue to save for the following gifts, for example, a cap or tablet. The player always has a choice in receiving a gift!

At the end of a game / match, the player receives information on how much bonus chips he received in this game, the information block is highlighted in red using the following example:


Rackeback NardGammon


These are the gifts that you can now receive:


NardGammon T-shirt


Signature NardGammon orange T-shirt with white logo on left chest


Composition: 100% cotton, female version may add lycra


Order Options: Male and Female


Size range: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Cap NardGammon


NardGammon Signature Cap in Orange with White Logo


Composition: mixed fabric


Sizes: adult, children’s hat can be made to order (gift delivery time may be increased)

Nardgammon game board


Corporate NardGammon set for playing backgammon, made of solid beech. They reveal the entire texture and beauty of the tree. A carved fragment adorns the outside, with the NardGammon logo on the inside of the board. For the convenience of players on the backgammon field there are rays highlighted by tinting. The board complies with all the traditions and basic needs of backgammon lovers: wooden chips have comfortable hollows in the center for gripping, it is possible to place all the chips along the edge of the field, which is important when playing long backgammon, convenient cells (pockets).


The backgammon data is created manually and the choice of specific material combinations is left to the master, therefore slight deviations from the presented sample in the image are allowed, because the wood texture is unique and inimitable.


Size: 57.5 * 27.5 cm when folded

Apple iPad 10.2 “32Gb Tablet


Corporate tablet Apple iPad 10.2 “32Gb for playing your favorite backgammon!


BackGammon World Championship


Mega gift for the most active players. The train passes in Monte Carlo. NatdGammon Portal provides flight and accommodation at the Fairmont Monte Carlo Grand.


One of the conditions for participation in the tournament, the player must wear a signature NardGammon T-shirt (which will also be presented to the player).


If a player cannot go to the tournament, he can receive this gift in cash to his personal bank account.

Gift order:


Each gift has a price indicated in bonus chips. As soon as a player accumulates the necessary amount to receive a gift, he can pick it up by pressing the “pick up” button or continue to save chips to receive an even more valuable gift. After the player presses the “pick up” button, a form will be opened for him to fill in the gift delivery data, it is necessary to correctly fill in all the fields, give consent to the delivery conditions and to the processing of personal data. Gift delivery is carried out by partner transport companies in the CIS countries, delivery conditions to other countries are agreed individually with the player. If it is not possible to receive a gift, in agreement with the administration of the portal, a player may be paid a sum of money in the amount of the price of the prize to a personal bank account.


Special attention!!!


After ordering a gift, all the player’s games will be automatically checked by the system for fraud in the game, “transfer” of game chips from one account to another, as well as selective manual verification of the parties. If signs of unfair play are detected, the gift order and bonus account will be canceled.


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