Change log



  • List of player matches. Open from player profile
  • Correction of the formula ELO rating
  • System for automatically detecting players with unsportsmanlike behavior (multi-account, intentional loss in the match, chip exchange, delaying the game, disconnecting at the end of the match)



  • Update in the authorization system. Now the player under the guest account, passing authorization (logging in through the social network or by email), saves progress. Previously created a new account for an authorized user
  • Chat now disable and enable. It works everywhere in the lobby and in the game. And also the state is saved


  • Added tournaments
  • Fixed match log in long
  • Fixed animation of cubes at the beginning of the match in short
  • Turn on sound in Chrome browser. After the update, chrome automatically prohibits auto-play of sound until the user interacts with the game


  • Crawford Rule
  • Match Log Improvement
  • First time nickname change system


  • Throw control
  • A roll control system has been introduced. You can download the roll archive during the game. The password is sent to the players at the end of the game. So the moves are not known in advance. Later it will be possible to indicate the offset from the start of the generated throws. Thus, you can check that the system does not “play along” with you or your opponent and you can influence the throws given to you yourself.
  • Added the ability to download the game history archive in the match. No password required. The notation is taken from the book by Paul Magril.


  • Dear backgammon players! Playing on our portal, be cultural, do not swear and do not insult each other. First, they can ban (prohibit, disable) the chat, and then delete the account and track which accounts were created from your IP address. Update 2018-03-12. Chat Moderation System


  • Now each player has his own unique nickname. Read more here Update 2018-03-09. Nickname system


  • VIP account now also gives a 2-fold reduction in commission


  • fixed the behavior of the window of waiting for the opening of the payment interface upon purchase in the main menu the order of items has been changed
  • open the player profile in the player lists now by clicking on the nickname (name)


  • BIG UPDATE! VIP Accounts, Friends and Player Lists
  • added player lists (online + search, friends, full lists of the best players for the day and for all time)
  • added a VIP account. Allows a player to invite any other players into the game. You can invite from a list of friends or from a list online. Soon, the VIP account will give a reduction in commission by 2 times, as well as other useful features.


  • Implemented an additional authorization system by email and password.


  • added the ability to create a rematch after the game
  • when you hover over the hint text – the automatic change of the hint will be suspended
  • buttons in the viewing mode (auto-reset and others)


  • added the ability to support the project
  • added text to the tooltips. Now they change every 10 seconds and, if desired, you can click and change by yourself
  • now you can click on the top players to see the top players for another period


  • Added a block with the best players of the day and for all time
  • Fixed a bug in the calculation of earned chips


  • In short backgammon, the first player begins to walk on the dice that remained after the draw


  • Fixed getting avatars from OK
  • Authorization through OK is fixed
  • Improved window in the doubling game (added avatar and icon)
  • Fixed in profile: instead of the total number of games, the number of victories was displayed


  • Chat design added


  • Fixed a bug when a player disconnected during the announcement of him doubling
  • Added visual design for the player whose current move. And also on the timer, a green lamp means your move, or in the viewing mode, the move of the player you are watching (for now, by default is white)
  • Added player frame highlight on hover


  • Added quick chat function
  • Recent messages are displayed for 5 seconds without opening a chat
  • Fixed display of avatars in view mode


  • Correction of visual time change when declaring a doubling
  • Added Chat Beta. There may be errors
  • Fixed display of information on the right panel in the game viewing mode


  • Now, if the player surrenders, then the position of the pieces on the board is taken into account. If at least one checker has been thrown, then a loss with 1 bet is counted. In other cases, depending on the type of backgammon: long with Mars (x2 – double rate), in short – with coke (x3 – triple rate).
  • Fixed a bug when the game did not start due to the fault of one of the players. Now there will be a refund
  • Fixed bug with connecting to two rules at the same time


  • Background. Fixed rate increase system (dave). The current chip balance of the players was not taken into account. When raising bids, the visual display of the current bid on the right panel changes


851 406
675 452
670 430

373 149
359 862
325 254