Fast paced backgammon game

first strategy

1. Start moving your far chips as they need to go the best way around the board. 2. Try to make it harder to develop your opponent’s long range chips.

middle game

1. Avoid beating your chips. Because backgammon is a race, it is impossible to change chips at risk of being beaten unless absolutely necessary: ​​any beaten chips will return to the start. The closer the chip is to your home, the more you can lose and the more careful you have to leave it unprotected.

2. Try to beat your opponent’s chips. However, do not forget about possible return shots. In particular, beating your House chips and leaving a spot unattended can result in a loss of advantage in the race if that spot is later beaten by your opponent.

3. Direct shots compared to indirect shots. If you leave your chips unprotected, try to put them in seven or more points (indirect shots) from the opponent’s chips, not six or fewer (direct shots). Thus, you significantly reduce the risk of defeating your chips.

4. Take strategic risks. The safest version of the game is not always strategically correct. For example, on the 4th inning, the first player threatened with a direct throw to remove their away chips from the home of the second inning; On the 6th inning, the second player dropped his chip under the indirect threat of a shot to block the first player in his House, creating a vital closed spot.

5. Create closed items. This is one of the main objectives of the online backgammon game. To create closed points, chips together, remove spots and create a safe place for your other chips; block your opponent and make it harder to advance their chips – especially if you create several points in a row that form a blockade; If they are beaten they will make enemy chips harder to re-enter your House. The more points you have in your house, the harder it will be for the opponent to get the beaten chips into play first.

Try to remove as much sawdust as possible from the wood as soon as possible. If you can’t get a chip off the board, move it to fill in the gaps and subsequent dice rolls will give you more opportunities to remove chips.

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