Common mistakes in backgammon


In our opinion, the most common mistake is a too distant and fast promotion of checkers, which takes them out of the game. For example, a common mistake is to take point 2 when combining 6-4. A valuable item on the inner board is involved, but at what cost? All that you have done is to transfer problems to the future, narrowing down your possibilities if an uncomfortable number falls out at the dawn, and giving the opponent the opportunity to easily put a saber into the game from the bar. Consider that you have 13 checkers left to fight on the board.


Another mistake is a too “quiet” game of backgammon. You need to fight for strategic points and take reasonable risks, since everyone knows that it is almost impossible to conduct a game so that no blots form anywhere. And it is always better to take a little risk first to gain a significant advantage afterwards. Therefore, do not leave everything for later in the hope of luck!

An important point is the point at the bar (which does not allow the opponent to get out of the trap if he has 6). But, of course, the most valuable points are point 5 on your board and the opponent’s board. If you take these points, you will almost completely control the game, and your opponent will not be able to move safely.

If your checker is hit, then you can always safely return it to the game. Therefore, you must capture these points at all costs and prevent the enemy from doing this. In addition, this way you get rid of anxiety about the “traps” in which the move is lost over and over again when it passes to you.


Players withdraw checkers from a safe anchor too early when the enemy has 3 or more internal points. This is also a mistake. As a result, it turns out that you lose two stones and watch in agony how the enemy improves his position, and you cannot return anything.

In such a situation, as a rule, it is better to preserve the anchor as long as possible, and walk elsewhere, even if you have to leave the blot. If you feel that you are significantly behind, then do not worry in vain about the loss of another checker, because one timely hit is enough to turn everything in the opposite direction.



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