Welcome to Backgammon

NardGammon.com is an online portal that brings together backgammon fans from all over the world. The game is translated into 5 languages: English, Russian, Armenian, Georgian, and Arabic. You only need a computer and internet access. The simple and friendly interface of the portal will help you familiarize with the site in just a few seconds.

Online backgammon is an opportunity to compete with players of any level from anywhere in the world, as well as to become a member of a cool team or play one-on-one. And, of course, you can compete against the computer.

NardGammon.com portal is an opportunity to play short backgammon for free, take part in daily tournaments, win prizes, and receive gifts. Also, you can become a member of the international NardGammon club and discover even more new opportunities.

What else can you find on NardGammon.com?

  • unique game design;
  • group chat and support from other players on any questions;
  • like-minded people and friends with common interests from all over the world;
  • cash prizes;
  • support from the service and individual chat;
  • 100% honest result: checking done by the control system that has no analogues in the world;
  • a place in the international ranking;
  • pleasant music during the game;
  • gifts for consistency in backgammon online.

On NardGammon.com you can play your favourite game with a friend from the comfort of your home at any time convenient for you. On the website you can choose any kind of backgammon, both long and short. Also, the game you choose can be styled as leather backgammon, backgammon with a drawing, or handmade wooden backgammon. Any design is available at your discretion.

Can’t wait to play a game of backgammon online? Then hurry up and register to the portal and show the whole world what you can do! Right now, thousands of players from all over the world are looking forward to playing backgammon online with a new player. NardGammon.com is one more way to spend your time in a pleasant and useful way.

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